Thursday, 16 November 2017

The Adaptation of the Fennec fox In the Desert

Adaptation is a long process that helps animals to survive in a particular environment.Adaptation takes an animal centuries to fully adapt in a harsh environment.Different types of animals have different types of adaptations they need to adapt to.Even plants and humans have to adapt.In this case it is the Fennec Fox that has adapted to the sahara desert successfully.If a living thing doesn’t adapt properly they might die quicker than normal.Adaptation is complex and hard for an animal to do.If an animal doesn’t adapt there will be more dangers for that particular animal in that particular environment.

The desert is a harsh unforgiving environment that could kill anything that doesn’t adapt properly.Deserts cover ⅕ of the Earth's land.10% of deserts are mountainous which means that it has sand dunes all over it.The desert is so hot that most animals have to stay inactive at day and active at night or early in the morning.Reptiles like snakes and arachnids like scorpions burrow in the ground to keep cool and keep warm at night.Deserts are found in every continent. water is so scarce that animals can only get water from what they eat.the normal temperature in the desert is between 43.5-49 degrees celsius at day at night and 20-25 degrees celsius at night.The desert is so hot that animals don’t even drink water out in the sun when water is available.

The Fennec Fox lives in the sahara desert the most hottest desert in the world.The Fennec Fox’s ears are 15 cm long so they can hear the slightest sounds. fur on the bottom of their feet can help them walk on top the deep sand.The Fennec fox lives for 12-16 years.When the fennec fox is full grown it only weighs 1.6 kg and is as tall as 20 cm.The fennec fox is not surprisingly the smallest fox in the world.The fennec fox eats

Adaption is a process over time that helps an animal survive in an environment.One of the Fennec fox’s adaptations is their kidney have adapted to restricted water loss.The fennec fox stay active at night to restrict water loss.Also they have thick fur to reflect the sun rays,Additionally their fur can camouflage.Fur on the bottom of their feet help the fennec fox walk on top of the desert sand.they have 15 cm ears that can get rid of extra body heat.

In conclusion the desert is an unforgiving stretch of land which has precipitation  annually.The fennec fox has adaptations to survive extreme weather and an barren environment.   

Monday, 25 September 2017

W.A.L.T:make connections

Dear future student,

When I was learning area I thought it was difficult to multiply the height and length.The single digits were fine but the double and the triple digits were the hard ones.The higher the number the more complicated it gets.It was tiring,frustrating it took awhile to overcome area .I remembered how I could get a conversion in rugby I kept on trying until I was successful.So I tried different strategies until area made sense to me and I got the answers correct.Focus on one thing at a time so you don’t get confused.When you know you not getting the answers right you know it’s getting harder


Monday, 28 August 2017

Thursday, 27 July 2017


Should maori culture be kept alive? What if Maori culture is wiped out in the future. If I asked the question above to someone that wants to know why the maori are wiped out they would say  “I don’t know what you are talking about” I spoke so fast they didn’t understand me. I am thinking it is a yes or no answer. Why can’t you answer the question even though you don’t know what I am talking about. Then I  silently say “awkward silence”and I run off as fast as I can without saying anything but the person chased me saying “tell me what  you are talking about”  until he got tired I thought he was out of his mind at the time.

First things first. The developers that developed  these  Islands are the Maori and to the people that think the maori aren’t important anymore that is just disrespectful and they should be very grateful because if the maori didn’t  develop aotearoa people would have no peace and calmness in their lives. You would have a very stressful life because European immigrants who moved to New Zealand because of wars and their wars all over the world accept aotearoa.

If the maori culture doesn’t get keep alive what would you tell your grandchildren about the famous developers of  aotearoa that countries are talking about.What if the government banned saying maori culture because they didn’t care about maori anymore.You would disappoint your grandchild because you don’t want to go to jail for five years.What if the maori culture got wiped out like the Australians did with the aboriginals and the government didn’t let anyone know why the Maori went extinct and the people that knows anything about how they got wiped out and the government  would kill anyone who says anything about it.You didn’t know what to say to your other grandchild about anything about the first people that stepped  on aotearoa.

In case Maori culture is extinct people should keep maori culture alive because the government would kill all the Maori because they didn’t care anymore so the Maori are extinct like the aborigines and everyone would forget the Maori part of the national anthem and the rest of the world would be like the heck happened to New Zealand's Maori culture and they would send spies to see what happened and they would flip all around the place looking cool.Then fall flat on their face and then when they get up their face will be covered in poop.

In case Maori culture is extinct in the future Maori culture should be keep alive because aotearoa is safe from wars,school competitiveness. Without the Maori culture developing this land there would be wars all the time here. Also there would be school competitiveness all the time at schools all around the country.