Wednesday, 20 June 2018

Matariki should be a public holiday

This week is the start of Matariki.Matariki is a Maori New year celebration which happens when the seven sisters are seen in the New Zealand night sky.After discussions with my class we have decied that Matariki should be a public holiday, and I am trying to get Ms Ardern support.Matariki shouuld be about learning about maori culture

Lynfield 1042

Tamaki makaurau   

Rāapa Tekau ma toru pipiri                                             

Dear Ms Ardern,

My name is James Smith and I am a year 6 student at Halsey Drive School, Lynfield.  This week at school we have been learning about myths, stories and importance of Matariki.Matariki is the maori celebration of the new year and it is marked by the arrival of the seven stars. It would be celebrated as the maori new year and it will be celebrated between May to July.  After a discussion with my class everyone decided that Matariki should be a national holiday. It would be celebrated as the maori new year and it will be celebrated between May and July.

I believe that the advantage of having Matariki as a national holiday is that it encourages the study and learning about astronomy and the importance to cultures. It is our responsibility to keep the Maori tradition alive and we need to continue to learn more about it. Others must agree that the whole of New Zealand know more about other countries than our own so this is why we need more Maori national holidays.In fact only 69% out of 1000 New Zealanders aged over 18 knows about matariki. For instance do you know about the story of parihaka, it happened on the same day as guy fawkes but two hundred years after. Matariki is a chance to learn more about our Maori culture. It is also really important to learn more about the cultures of the world including Maori, and that’s what Matariki should be about. Then there would be understanding
with different cultures around the world.

The other reason why we need Matariki as a public holiday because we have limited public holiday but some of them are only half days and people still work on those days and there is only 9 days that are holidays out of 260 working days and out of those 9 days three of them have to do with New Zealand and our history. Matariki is a time for people to be with their family and no one is to be working no one.

We need an other holiday and more education on our maori culture.please considor my letter and take it to parliment. We are counting on you to make this happen. Thank you for reading this letter

Ngaku noa

James smith

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Tuesday, 29 May 2018


Taniwha in Waikato river?
The shadow Kidnappers

Brrring!!!! The school bell rung and everyone was running out of their classrooms especially Zinzan because he needed to go to rugby practise. His shadow was following him until they were alone then his shadow start doing its own thing Zinzan thought he was the only one who had a shadow that did its own thing. They reached their home but the door was  open the slightest but no one was home then he saw some shadows moving around “who’s there?” Zinzan whimpered.The shadows sprinted up to Zinzan and Zinzan’s shadow and then took Zinzan’s shadow looked back and ran away out the back door Zinzan gave a good chase but he couldn’t catch up to them. But then he couldn’t see actual people he could only see shadows so he wasn’t the only one with a self moving shadow.

The shadow kidnappers got into their getaway vehicle and drove away. Zinzan was shook and scared. when his parents got home from work he told them but they didn’t believe him. Until he went under a light and he didn’t have a shadow anywhere to be seen. Zinzan’s parents were shocked. So he set of to find where the shadow kidnappers and his shadow had gone then he got a phone call. It was the shadow kidnappers “give me $200  and I will give back your shadow back if you don't give me the money behind the restaurant in the block of stores at 12:30 tomorrow otherwise we will kill your shadow”said the shadow in a quiet tone. The shadow hung up.

The next day he pretended be sick and the teacher let him go home then Zinzan got pretend money from his monopoly game at home. He went behind the restaurant and waited. Then the van pulled up and they exchanged but the shadow realized that the money was fake so he took Zinzan’s shadow again and held a gun to Zinzan’s shadow’s head. Then he said to Zinzan “If you want to get your shadow back now you have to pay me $400  at 9:00pm today”.Zinzan was alarmed when he said that. then finally the kidnappers  drove off. That night Zinzan tiptoed out of the house undetected and went behind the restaurant.When the van got to the location  the kidnappers threw Zinzan’s shadow to the ground then Zinzan grabbed his shadow and ran off. Zinzan’s heart was racing like a horse but he kept on running,then he was thinking about a cunning a plan.

When he got home he got his dads two bb guns and waited in his room. After that Zinzan got his shadow to hide in the bathroom with his duvet, and go up behind the shadow kidnappers as Zinzan is distracting by shooting the shadows.Zinzan’s shadow would trap the kidnappers with the thick duvet and the police would come and arrest the cruel shadow kidnappers.

They put this plan into action and it worked perfectly but the downside was that it woke up the his whole family and they were mad.

   The end

WALT: Write a narrative

I will need to include...
  • An interesting title
  • A hook sentence which captures the audience
  • An opening paragraph to introduce characters and story setting
  • Organise the story into paragraphs - Build up, problem, solution, ending
  • Language features
   * Verbs and adverbs
   * Descriptive language - Adjectives, similes, metaphors, personification
   * Time connectives - eventually, finally, after that, suddenly, meanwhile, then,
  • Interesting dialogue which adds to the story  

Vanessa: Good job James! Good use on similes,adjectives,verbs and interesting dialogue.

Monday, 7 May 2018

Why do chameleons change colour?

Living in the huge expanse of the deserts and rainforests of africa, north america,europe and asia is the fascinating lizard called the chameleon.It can change its skin colour whenever it feels like it. Literally it changes colour on its mood.

Scientists used to believe that chameleons change colour to camouflage and evade their predators but that myth has been busted. Because chameleons are very fast and can reach speeds up to 33 kph so they can easily avoid their predators. Now scientists are pretty sure they know one reason for a chameleon to change its colour. And that is to reflect its mood. All the colours it changes to is pink,blue,orange red yellow,green and turquoise. In order to know how a chameleon is angry the chameleon would have a shade of darker colour if a female chameleon wants to attract mate it will go to a lighter shade.

Changing colours has many uses and this is the second use and the most important. A chameleon changes colour to help their bodys adjust their temperature to adapt to their habitat. To get warmer in the winter they turn black to absorb as much sunlight as they can. They also turn to a white when they are hot in the summer to cool down.

Even though a chameleon is a lizard it has a special layer of cells called iridophores under their skin. which contain pigment that reflect light,they are made up of  thousands of guanine crystals. Chameleons can relax or excite their skin, causing these special cells to move and change structure. When this happens these cells act like prisms. This is called a physiological change. In the future you could book a flight to any of the country’s above so you can see the amazing creatures for yourself. If it is in the mood to see you.

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